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Quality Control

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How Nivoda QCs Every Stone Sold on Our Platform

With Nivoda, retailers can rest easy knowing they have a team of QC experts on the ground, all around the globe. Imagine placing an order for a dozen diamonds from a supplier in Mumbai. With Nivoda, these diamonds would undergo a rigorous two-step quality control process. No matter where the diamond is coming from, you can trust that Nivoda has got you covered.

  1. Pre-purchase QC — To start, we generally verify every seller on our platform and use a checklist of questions to gauge the stones’ quality remotely. Our buying team requests: no BGM, Eye Clean, a tweezer video.
  2. Physical QC in-house — Then, we’ll collect the diamonds physically (in this case, from the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai) and conduct individual, live quality inspections using the DE BEERS QC machine before approving them for shipment. 

If a quality concern (however small) arises at either stage, Nivoda’s customer service team will reach out to you and share that QC failed. If you choose to pass on the stone, Nivoda’s buying team will source an alternative that matches your requirements – ready and on offer.

When retailers purchase on Nivoda, there are two options to indicate your QC standards. 

  1. Default QC requirements — These include flaws you never want to see in your stones (i.e. “No BGM or no center black inclusions”). These notes will go to our buying and quality teams every single time you place an order. 
  2. Specific stone preferences — You can indicate needs for specific stones at checkout (i.e. “Make sure this oval has no bow-tie”). 

Next Steps: Boost Profits with Nivoda’s Global Diamond Sourcing

When it comes to diamond purchasing, trust and quality go hand in hand – and Nivoda delivers on both. Our inventory is not only priced competitively, but also boasts only the finest quality diamonds. And if by rare chance, a diamond doesn’t meet our standards, our team has already caught it before it becomes an issue for you. 

Partnering with Nivoda allows retailers to tap into the global diamond market, resulting in not only competitive prices but also increased profits, more competitive offerings and the ability to take on larger retailers. All in, Nivoda’s platform delivers on four key outcomes for retailers:

  1. Increased margins on every stone you purchase
  2. More competitive offerings than your neighboring retailers
  3. Compete with large chains and online retailers on price 
  4. Stronger likelihood of conversion due to more diverse inventory

Sourcing with Nivoda means access to the best-priced stones across the globe with zero worries about quality.