Simplifying procurement

Consolidated Shipping and Invoicing

Dropshipping company

How does Nivoda’s consolidation work?

The Nivoda platform offers a superior online diamond marketplace, with a seamless, all-in-one solution for invoicing and shipping. Nivoda consolidates the procurement process through three unique features: 

  1. Consolidated shipments — You can purchase stones from a choice of over 2,000 of unique suppliers across continents and receive your diamonds in combined shipments. Receive one parcel of stones from Hong Kong, another from India, and so on. 
  2. Consolidated invoicing and payments — Even when you purchase from multiple suppliers at once, you will receive one invoice for one transaction in your local currency. 
  3. Consolidated communications — Through our platform, Nivoda provides you with a single point of contact that will expertly manage your shipping, payments, quality control and other logistics. 

Nivoda is able to simplify international sourcing because we are the importer and exporter on record. If you are a US-based business sourcing via Nivoda, once your stones arrive at our New York office, we pass them to you as a domestic transaction in your local currency. Paying your invoice requires no international paperwork, no red tape, and no complexity.

Ultimately, Nivoda’s platform simplifies global procurement.

Save time on logistics to rededicate to your customers. Save money on shipments, insurance, and wire transfer fees to rededicate to your business development.

With our streamlined approach to logistics, finding the perfect diamond is both time- and cost-effective, for both jeweler and customer.