Nivoda is an online diamond and gemstone marketplace where you can buy from multiple suppliers from around the world and check out in one go. As well as allowing you to source stones at the most competitive prices, Nivoda takes care of quality control, shipping and invoicing.

No, Nivoda operates exclusively as a B2B (business-to-business) marketplace and does not engage in sales to the general public.

In order to gain access to the platform and its offerings, all users are required to pass a Business KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process.

Only after successful completion of this verification, and thereby confirming their status as a legitimate business entity from the industry, users will be verified, enabling them to interact and transact with Nivoda. This process is in place to maintain the integrity and professional nature of our platform.

Yes, you can create both a buyer and seller account with Nivoda, as long as you use a different email ID for each account.

Nivoda’s inventory holds natural and lab grown diamonds, melee and colored gemstones.

Yes! All you need to do is paste the certificate number into the diamond search and you will see an option to request the diamond to be added to Nivoda. Our buying team will notify you when your chosen diamond is ready to purchase.

Nivoda is free of charge. We do not charge any membership or subscription fees.

No, you can order as much or as little as you like!

Yes! Nivoda offers a 35 day returns policy* for all stones marked as “returnable” on their listing.

Please note that you will also be able to return a stone if an error has occurred which we or the supplier are responsible for.

* Terms and conditions apply

The quality control process consists of two steps for retailers.

1. You are able to view images and videos of the stones on the site and can also request images and videos for those who do not have them yet.

2. At checkout, you have the ability to set your own quality control criteria which our experienced Quality Control Team will confirm both with the supplier during the confirmation process and upon final inspection before your items are shipped to you. If we find any discrepancies between your preferences and the stone, we will get in touch with you.

Yes, just simply click ‘Request Hold’ and the team will notify you when the stone is set aside.

Holds are typically valid for 24 hours, but some suppliers will be willing to hold for longer.

Please note, not all suppliers will accept holds.


We offer multiple payment options. Please see the bottom of your invoice for all of the payment methods valid for your invoice. If you have a preferred method of payment that we do not offer, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Invoices will be shared depending on your location and the payment method selected at checkout. If you select the Upfront Payment method, your invoice will be shared once the stone is placed on hold.

If you select 3/30/60 day credit, your invoice will be shared once your goods ship from their origin destination.

Currently, we can receive payment via wire transfers, cheques and Zelle (in the US) and credit card (subject to approval).

Yes, we currently accept payment in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, HKD, ZAR and AED.


No, currently this is not something we offer.

Delivery timelines differ depending on the supplier, the stone’s location and the final destination. Our delivery times are stated on the platform and all orders can be tracked here.

Yes, tracking information can be found for each individual order here.