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Nivoda Express



Where will the Nivoda Express Centres be located?

The first phase of Nivoda Express will start from our London office in the UK. In the future, we look forward to opening Nivoda Express Centers all over the world.

What will be the duration of the consignment?

In the initial phase of Nivoda Express, the consignment from India to London will be for 30 days. However, the process of taking stones from India and returning them will take approximately 2-3 weeks longer.

Can customers visit the Nivoda Express Centre and see the stones themselves?

No, all stones will be ordered from the website directly.

If a stone is registered for Nivoda Express, can I still sell it to someone outside of Nivoda?

Yes, unless the goods are temporarily on memo which means they’re on hold. Please note, if the same stone is ordered on Nivoda and off Nivoda, the order made on Nivoda must take priority.

Can I list Nivoda Express stones on other portals?

Yes, you are able to list all stones on other platforms and can also sell offline with Nivoda’s fee added. However, as previously mentioned, if the same stone is ordered on Nivoda and off Nivoda, the order made on Nivoda must take priority.

Will the payment terms differ compared to standard Nivoda listings?

No, the payment process will remain the same.

How will the returns process work?

The returns process will remain the same (i.e. 45 days from the order, not the consignment, with a 2% buy-back policy which is capped at $200).

How will I be informed about sales or the return of a stone?

You will receive an email and also a notification on the Nivoda app.

Will the Nivoda Express Centre have a dedicated Quality Control team?

All stones will be quality control checked at the local Nivoda office before they are shipped to the Nivoda Express Center. If they need to be returned to you, they will endure another quality control check beforehand.

Do I need to sign a new agreement?

Yes, you will need to sign a separate supplier agreement for Nivoda Express.

Does Nivoda Express guarantee me any more sales?

No, Nivoda Express will not guarantee any sales.

Does it cost to use Nivoda Express?

No, there are no additional costs for customers or suppliers.