Your fulfilment partner

Nivoda Express


What are the benefits?

1-2 day delivery


Quality verified

Guaranteed availability


Dijay Soni Avita Jewellery

“Nivoda Express means in the future we’ll be able to receive our stones within 1-2 days at no extra cost which will be a game changer for our business.”


Paresh Panchal Diamond Doves

“Nivoda never stands still and they’re constantly evolving and innovating which is great to see as a customer. We expect Nivoda Express to become a key part of our business, leaving the logistics to Nivoda and allowing us to spend more time focusing on sales.”


Zishan Rehman Luvore Diamonds

"We have always been impressed with Nivoda's level of service but with the addition of Nivoda Express, we have no doubt it will improve even more. The super fast delivery and availability are two features we are particularly excited about."


How much does Nivoda Express cost?

There is no extra cost for Nivoda Express compared to standard delivery.

How quickly can Nivoda Express deliver my stones?

With Nivoda Express, delivery times are 1-2 days.

How can I find Nivoda Express stones?

You can filter by Nivoda Express when searching and see clear badging on all search results and throughout the buying process.

Is there a limit on stones I can order through Nivoda Express?

There are no limits on the number of stones you can order through Nivoda Express.

What will happen to my feeds?

Your feeds will automatically display the Nivoda Express location and delivery time of the stones.

I'm a supplier, how do I speak to someone about this?

Please contact your Account Manager or our Supplier Relations Team by emailing [email protected].