A customer experience upgrade

New Nivoda


How will my experience change and what areas have been redesigned?

New Nivoda is mostly a redesign of existing functionalities from the existing Nivoda Classic, however, there are a few new additions to the platform to point out.


The most noticeable change you will see is how you search and filter stones which now uses the main menu at the top to search for stones and then the options in the left menu to refine your search further.

Product Details Page

This design has been updated to avoid scrolling where possible and provide all the extra details you might not find on the card as you browse on the search listings. We will be adding more features here soon!


In the checkout journey, we have added a guide to help you through the process and to easily go back a step should you wish to.

Will I be able to do everything on New Nivoda which I could do on Nivoda Classic?

Yes, we have not removed any functionality and plan to launch new features on this version in the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye out for any product tours when you visit the platform! 

How can I give feedback on the new design?

After launching New Nivoda, we will reach out to some of our customers to collect feedback. We want to hear from as many of you as possible, so if you would like to be a User Champion and have a call with us, please email Geoffrey Doran, VP of User Experience, using the button below.

You can also let us know what you think about New Nivoda by contacting your Account Manager directly.

Additionally, you will find a short survey at checkout where you can rate your experience and also get a chance to leave a message about your experience.

Will I be able to revert to Nivoda Classic?

Yes, you have the option to revert back to the existing Nivoda Classic at any time, however this version does not benefit from any of the new features that New Nivoda will have going forward. We are aiming to keep both versions live for a few months.