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Why Nivoda?

1.6 million natural and lab-grown diamonds

Net 30 and 60 payment terms

Free returns

Pay to our local bank

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Join Nivoda’s diamond marketplace

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Browse the world's diamond supply

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Select the best deals from verified suppliers

Step 4

Check out and pay in one single invoice

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Leave it to us to quality check your stones and consolidate your shipments

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Receive your diamonds in one quick delivery

What our customers say


Alma Pettersson Vanbruun

"I would absolutely recommend Nivoda. Their deep knowledge makes me, as a buyer, very confident during the process. We initially chose Nivoda due to their simple yet detailed solution. The team always fulfils our requests and is very helpful with any questions that might occur."


Hari Alexandroff Harmony Jewels

“Nivoda has changed the way my business buys diamonds. With their buying team in India and Hong Kong taking care of quality control, price negotiation and shipping, it has allowed me to focus on sales growth and serving customers. This coupled with my dedicated account manager makes their service second to none. Most of all I can trust that my diamond buying is being taken care of properly and that my customers will leave happy. I can't recommend Nivoda enough.”

flawless fine jewellery logo

Flawless Fine Jewellery

“I would highly recommend Nivoda's diamond marketplace to any jewellery business as they are very helpful and reduce costs. They make the whole purchasing side of diamonds very easy and hassle free. Exchange rates are always the best and they work around the clock in helping us focus on what really matters in our day to day business.”

purely diamonds logo

Emelie Tyler Purely Diamonds

“Nivoda has completely changed our diamond buying process, making it much simpler, faster, easier and cheaper too. It has enabled us to offer our customers the most competitive prices by giving us easier access to diamonds all over the world through their diamond marketplace, removing high delivery charges and saving us so much time spent speaking to and paying suppliers individually. Nivoda has been a game changer for our business and we would highly recommend them to anyone in the industry.”


Ben Green SP Green & Co

“We are a very happy Nivoda customer and constantly impressed by their innovation and customer service. I would thoroughly recommend them to any jewellery retailer who wants to increase sales, reduce costs and make life much easier.”